Donated Dental Service Program State Funded Rehab

  • Po Box 690
    Willsonville, OR - 97070

  • 503-594-0837

Donated Dental Service Program State Funded Rehab

General Information

The Donated Dental Services (DDS) program is a collaborative, direct way that the dental profession reaches out to individuals with special needs. Because of the extraordinary compassion of over 15,000 dentists and 3,000 dental laboratories across the country, DDS tends to the essential and comprehensive dental care needs of our nation's most vulnerable people; disabled, elderly or medically-compromised individuals who cannot afford necessary treatment nor get public aid. DDS patients have slipped through the cracks of Medicaid and Medicare programs with nowhere else to turn.

* Monday-Friday: 7:00am-2:00pm

* English

* Comprehensive dental care

Financial Assistance, Costs, and Eligibility
* This program provides free dental services to persons of all ages with disabilities who are unable to work, and older adults aged 65 and over.
* Applicants must be low income and have no dental insurance.

This dental assistance location provided is subject to change. We work to maintain an accurate list, but we urge you to call the location directly for further information as may have changed since this posting was created.

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