Community Care Clinic of Rowan County State Funded Rehab

  • 315 G Mocksville Avenue
    Salisbury, NC - 28144

  • 704-636-4523

Community Care Clinic of Rowan County State Funded Rehab

We offer the following services at our clinic:
Dental Care
Licensed Pharmacy
Provider Dispensing (samples)
Medication Assistance Program
Primary Medical Care

Rowan County residents may call to schedule an enrollment appointment during general hours of operation. During this appoinPtment residents will be required to provide proof of income and other important supporting documentation.


Clients must be uninsured
Clients must be a Rowan County Citizen
Clients must be US citizens
Client's income level can not exceed 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. (Currently $22,000.00 for individual and $46,000.00 for a family of four) please note this amount is subject to change on an annual basis in January of each year
Clients who are receiving Medicaid, Medicare, or Disability are not eligible for our medical or dental services.

This dental assistance location provided is subject to change. We work to maintain an accurate list, but we urge you to call the location directly for further information as may have changed since this posting was created.

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