Family Health Services Corporation State Funded Rehab

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Family Health Services Corporation State Funded Rehab


Seeing that the community was in need of reduced cost dental services for the indigent and underserved, Family Health Services started providing dental services in the spring of 2005. The main purpose of the program has always been to support the overall goals of Family Health Services. The primary objective is providing affordable dental services to the public in need.

Currently there are five dentists employed full time and two part time dental hygienists

All of the dentists at Family Health Services are trained in general dentistry and licensed in the state of Idaho. Our dentists are kind and gentle and provide the highest quality dentistry for our patients. The restorations, crowns, dentures and other products they use are of the utmost quality. The dentists at Family Health Services provide the following services:

Emergency services- patient must call first thing in the morning to ensure timely access Exams
Patient education
Dental radiographs
Limited periodontal treatment
Operative dentistry- tooth fillings both composite (white fillings) and amalgam (silver fillings)
Stainless steel crowns on baby teeth
Endodontic treatment- root canal therapy
Crown and bridge work
Surgical and routine extractions
Removable prosthetics (dentures and partials)
We do not offer any orthodontic treatment

(As all of the doctors are trained general dentist some patients will require treatment from a dental specialist for certain procedures. Referrals will be made after an assessment by one of our dentist is completed. These specialists are not affiliated with Family Health Service and all financial arrangements with the specialist are between the patient and the specialist.)

Services provided to the public are done at a slide fee for those who provide required documentation of proof of income. While all of the dental clinics including the mobile dental unit have the primary purpose of treating the indigent and underserved, people of any status are welcome into the dental program. Family Health Services accepts many types of insurance including Medicaid. Payment is required at the time of service and we currently offer a prepayment option for treatment.

This dental assistance location provided is subject to change. We work to maintain an accurate list, but we urge you to call the location directly for further information as may have changed since this posting was created.

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